Monday, June 15, 2009


I had to work last Saturday, but i get off at 12:00. After i had lunch with my wife i got ready for a ride to Bloomington. My sister-in-law was having a Graduation - Birthday party for her daughter and husband, i wanted to get some miles in so i decided to ride over. i had plenty of time since the party was at 5:00. I left town at 2:10, i seemed to be sluggish had a hard time keeping a pace, ( i was hoping for 19mph) but the wind even though slight was against me. After about 30 miles my legs started feeling better and i was able to speed up. 56 miles later i arived at the party feeling pretty good and i wound up with a 17.5 ave. this has been my longest solo ride so far, may try for a solo century sometime.

Sunday, Luke and I got out the TT bikes for some training, Art came along also. We rode around 32 miles working hard for most of it. I hope to see some results on Tuesday.
I need to get those rings on..

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