Friday, February 25, 2011

Groundhog CX

Gene (40+), Luke(30+), and i (50+)did the masters race. 1 of us in each category. 15 total in the race 5 in each cat. we did ok, i dont know how Luke and Gene did in their cat and over all. I hung in ok, wasnt last, but on the last lap about 100 yds from the end, the rear wheel picked up a branch and it snapped the rear derailleur off, i started running-walking, but the guy (only 1, damn) behind me passed me. i got to the road that is the last part of the lap, got on the bike and Jon gave me a push, then i propelled myself by pushing on the road with my right leg like i was on a scooter. anyway i finished DFL, but i finished. now i have to get a rear derailleur and hanger. First race and i broke.

Jason, Aaron, Gene and Jon raced the Senior open, didnt take long for Jason to lap most of the field and some of them twice. He picked up first place by a big margin.

the following race was the classic-open, cross bikes only, Jason signed up and took this race with almost as big a gap as the prior race.

2 First's for Jason, Great job man.