Sunday, June 28, 2009

40k Time Trial

Did my first 40k time trial yesterday, it was near the town of Paw Paw. Luke, John Betenia and I left Rantoul at 5:30 for the drive up. We made it with plenty of time to reg and get in some warmup time. The weather was good and wind was fair. We took off from the start 1 min behind each other. I was feeling good and was hoping to have a good result. Never having done 40k, i didnt know how hard i could go and still have enough to finish. i finished in 1hr 5 min. and had energy left, i could have rode harder. oh well, now i know and will work harder on the next one.
Ave mph was 23. I'm going to work to break an hour by Drubers race in Aug.

Put on my Q rings on both bikes today, hope i can get some speed from them.


Ragfield said...

Great job Karl! 40K is tough. I've never done it that fast. I'll bet it's a radically different experience when you're not preparing to run 10K immediately after... :)

bCHAN said...

Good job, Karl!!

Erik said...

Hey Karl. Now that you have had some time to ride on them, what do you think of the new chainrings? I am needing some new ones and am considering them.